Saturday, July 23, 2011

The problem with good deals....

I see now that when always on the hunt for the "find", you know that all elusive bargain...there is always going to be some kind of cause and effect.

The cause of coarse is dressing and furnishing your place with high end good quality goods at flat out unbelievable prices. The effect is "stuff" overload.

I have found myself forever doing the closet sweep..where one item in, two items out.
For someone like me,who does not want to watch that show on hoarders and think...hmmmm...this is a necessary requirement!

So after spending the good part of a beautiful day inside sorting through clothes...
keep this, donate that...I have taken a moment to sit down and write out my thoughts. Sometimes I feel like an addict, can I drive by, and not just pop in to see if there is a new "find" waiting for me to find it!

The up side is that someday when I retire, I think this will become my new job and then I will join the Ebay sellers!

What do you think,
Can anyone relate?