Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why the Village Gal...

I have thought about doing this blog for a while...why you ask?

Because, like everyone else, I love a bargain. I mean a really good bargain. I also love the hunt for said bargain.

Before the days of EBay and Craigslist, there were garage sales, and consignment stores, and of course the Goodwill.

More than anything, I was a garage sale'r. So was my mother, who searched high and low for a treasure at garage sales, and was well known in our Seattle Eastside neighborhood, for the 1-2 garages sales she would have each year. My 2 grown daughters, are also garage sale'rs.

One has found it a perfect outlet to buy, and resell...often on EBay. She goes to garage sales in some high end neighborhoods, and has found more than afew treasures to resell.

So, you ask, where are I going with this? Well, I am happy to tell you where...I am going to " The Village" ... that would be Value Village ( though I rarely call them that..). They are "The Village" to me. Also, I will share other bargains from other places, yes even EBay!

Let me tell you why I decided to do this. Partly because I work at a large Communication company.

It is Business casual attire, which means no jeans... you know, let's look professional.

Well, even though I have tenure with said company, I rather not be spending hard earned cash at the local malls. Although, I can get weak at some of the discounted Outlet malls... when I find some super bargains there!

I love wearing different clothes. I think this may go back to when I was a teenager and young married mom, and really did not have much clothes.. I didn't care about clothes. When I was a teenager, my horse came first!

Now I refuse to pay outrageous prices for clothes, when I have found such wonderful things, often with high end brand names new or almost new.... for great LOW prices. So, I thought I would "come out of the closet"... my closet, and share some bargains as they come encourage others to drive past the malls, and go to your local "Village", whether it is my favorite Value Village, or the Goodwill, or a neighborhood thrift store.

You will not believe what may be in there!!!

So, as I have time, I will take some pictures, show some tags, or quote prices on items I have already purchased to give you an idea of what is out there.

After all, I am the Village Gal!

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