Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Big day at the Village..

Yesterday at the Village.. (you will need to visualize, as I am to lazy to take some pix for show and tell)... was their big sale for the Holiday.

I volunteered to work yesterday, on Memorial Day... I did find time to stop at the "1/2 off everything" (almost) in the store at my favorite store, "The Village" after work.

So what little treasures might I have found, you are probably asking. OK, I will share my finds.

  • Brand new IZod shorts, with tags still on, $4.49 (great for golfing!)
  • Like new denim DKNY capris... half off was $3.49
  • New docker slim legged pants for work..$2.99
That was all of it.. what a fun time.

My sis got a brand new Mariner Windbreaker, for $2.50, and a like new black leather Fossil brand leather bag...$4.49.

I was very proud of myself, as I was being selective..my closet says 1 comes in, 2 goes out...

Happy shopping !

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